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#1 2006-05-09 20:55:13


Quadratic Help

If i have the values of "b" and "c" in  the equation ax^2 + bx + c is there anyway i can find a?
The values of b=0 and the value of c=185

#2 2006-05-09 21:07:36

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Re: Quadratic Help

why have you started the third topic with the same question??
keep all the questions in one topic!!!!
Remember that you also know the distance between roots (this is what you wrote in another post


#3 2006-05-10 02:36:31

John E. Franklin
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Re: Quadratic Help

Is what equal to zero, on the right side of equation?
Also, a parabola can be any narrowness or wide, so no you can't solve this.
Any value for a is valid.
Oh wait, you have set y = 0, haven't you?  Oh, so there is a solution perhaps.
But you need to know where you want the parabola to pass through the x-axis.
If you know the roots of the equation or the points on the x-axis, then you can
calculate the "a" number.

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