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#1 2006-02-10 07:40:07

diff: mclaurin's series

diff: mclaurin's series help

please help, i dont know how to do this question, how am i supposed to differentiate a log and do i have to use the product rule aswell???

thanks, lloyd

find dy/dx where y= log e (1+x) using the mclaurin series.

(e is supposed to be subscript)

#2 2006-02-10 08:16:25

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Re: diff: mclaurin's series help

To function a function into a Maclaurin series, you need to differentiate it lots of times anyway, so making that into a Maclaurin series first won't help.

Differentiating it is easy enough though.

log[sub]e[/sub] [f(x)], when differentiated, becomes f'(x)/f(x)

Applying that here gives that d(log[sub]e[/sub] (1+x))/dx = 1/(1+x).

You'd then need to differentiate that again and again until you get as many terms as you need for your series.

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#3 2006-02-10 12:08:32

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Re: diff: mclaurin's series help

I find macluarin series problems to be a mundane task that teaches you nothing. And some of them take forever!

A teriffic waste of time I'd say...

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