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#1 2006-01-31 03:04:49


Complex Locus


Could anyone please help me with the folowing:

The point P representing z(= x + iy) in the Argand diagram lies on the
line 6x + 8y = R, where R is real. Q is the point representing (R^2) /
z. Prove that the locus of Q is a circle, and find its centre and
radius. Moreover, x and y are restricted so that the locus of the point P (representing z = x + iy) is the line 6x + 8y = R, given this, what is the locus of the point R^2 / z

I can't get going on this, I know it's simple, I have the answer
(Centre (3R, -4R), radius 5R) but need to understand the method.

Thanks very much for any responses.


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