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#1 2020-02-03 10:48:35

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This is review for my past few lessons.

This is a written assignment so if anyone helping could write out all the steps, that would be amazing!

1. Find the area of a regular hexagon with 8 feet sides.  Round the answers to the nearest whole number.

    Part 1: Show your work using the triangle method taught in Lesson 21.

    Part 2: Find the area of the same hexagon using two trapezoids.  Confirm that the answers to Part 1 and Part 2 are equivalent.

    Part 3:  Construct a prism from the above regular hexagon.  The height of the hexagonal prism is 5 feet. Find the surface area and the volume of this prism.

Round answers to nearest tenth.

2. If a heptagon has an area of 105 in2, what is the measure of one side?

3. A pentagon’s radius (measure from center to vertex) measures 4 cm, what is the pentagon’s area?

4. A regular octagon rests on one of the flat sides and has a total height of 10 ft. What is the measure of one of the octagon’s sides?


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