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#1 2019-02-21 06:28:23

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proof of sum of angle defects

Statement: The sum of the angle defects of a Polyhedron (that doesn't intersect itself) is equal to 360 (degrees) multiplied by the Euler characteristic


the Euler characteristic is

F (Faces)
E (Edges)
V (Vertices)

lets say that F, E and V are all we know

the angle defects can be represented as

The sum of the angles around each Vertex are


and so on....

Add them up

now we know V so we need

This represents the sum of all the angles in all the faces

The angles in an N sided polygon are:


If the number of sides in each face are given by

then the the sum of the angles are:

and so on...


is the sum of the number of edges in all the faces, and since there are two faces to an edge

so substituting that in

and therefore

which simplifies to


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To get to the other!!!


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