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#1 2017-11-26 05:58:47

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Geometry homework

Here is how i answers these questions. Apparently I got them wrong and I need help getting the right answers, Ive been stuck forever. Ill post what the teacher comments were on my work down below. And the link to the diagram.
1.     Robin knows that if he hits the white part of the target, he just slightly win, therefore not embarrassing John. What is the probability that Robin will hit the white part of the target (not the red and not the bull’s-eye)? Show your work.
= 12.56
= 113.04
= 254.34
2.     After Robin shoots into the white area, John knows he cannot win, so he decides to set his sites on second place. To get second place, he needs to hit either the white circle or the bull’s-eye. What is the probability that he can do that? Show your work.
3.14(2)2 =
12.56 / /
3.14(6)2 =
113.04 / /
3.14(9)2 =
The table is 30 inches wide and 180 inches long. The width of the 2 and 3 rectangles is 12 inches. The sides of the 4 rectangle are 15 inches and the top and bottom are 12 inches. The 1 rectangle is twice as wide as the 2
3. What are the dimensions of the 1 rectangle?
4. What are the measurements of one of the 5 rectangles?
5. You are playing shuffleboard in P.E. class. To score points, your disc must land in a box on the other side of the table and you are awarded the number of points that is in that box. What is the probability of scoring 1 point? 1 out of 5
6. What is the probability of scoring 2 points? 1 out of 5
7. What is the probability of scoring 3 points?1 out of 5
8. What is the probability of scoring 4 point?1 out of 5
9. What is the probability of scoring 5 point?1 out of 5
10. What is the probability of scoring at all (any number of points)? 5 out of 5
Teacher Comments on my work :
1-2   you need to find the PROBABILITY... take the specific area asked for and divide by area of entire target!
#3-4   where are these?  Use the info given to LABEL the diagram
$5-10   find the area of each rectangle and then use those too find probability!
Link to diagram : removed by administrator


#2 2017-11-26 20:31:04

bob bundy
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Re: Geometry homework

hi emmakatecumbo

This request for help has been posted 7 times by you.  I consider this to be abuse of the forum.  You have been shown how to add proper images and I have given a detailed answer to the shuffleboard question.  The dartboard question cannot be answered because you have never provided a diagram and without this the answer could be anything.  Please do not keep doing this or I shall have no choice but to delete your account.   Please look at this post: … 20#p401220

and respond there.  Either what I have said is helpful in which case you need to answer each of my questions so I can check your work or you need to ask something new relating to what I have said. Do not use postimg for your images. If you fail to do as I ask then your account will be removed. 


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