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#1 2017-05-26 08:34:43



I need to solve this but I couldnt hmm Can anyone solve it ?

question :

A committee of three decides questions by majority vote. Each member can press a button to signify a “Yes” vote. Construct the truth table for a circuit that passes current only when the majority of the votes is “Yes”.

Let A stand for “member A votes ‘Yes’”; let B stand for “member B votes ‘Yes’”; and let C stand for “member C votes ‘Yes’”.

Derive a function, f(A, B, C), from the truth table

#2 2017-05-26 19:43:29

bob bundy
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Re: Truth Table, HELP ME PLEASE

hi Jhon,

Welcome to the forum.

I used 1 to stand for 'votes for' and zero for votes against.  For the outcome, 1 stands for proposition passed and 0 for proposition rejected.

Here's a bit of the truth table:


When you complete it, you'll see that the first 4 outcomes conform to a simple function and so do the last 4, so an overall function should be possible.


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