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#1 2016-11-11 14:40:15

Monox D. I-Fly
From: Indonesia
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[ASK] About Circles in Coordinates

3. A(a,b), B(-a,-b), and C is plane XOY. P moves along with curve C. If the multiplication product of PA's and PB's gradients are always k, C is a circle only if k = ...?
4. The radius of a circle which meets X-axis at (6,0) and meets the curve

at one point is ....
5. A circle meets the line x + y = 3 at (2,1). It also meets the point (6,3). Its radius is ....

I have no idea how to do number 3, or even the meaning.

For number 4, I substituted x = 6 and y = 0 to the equation

and got

For number 5, I substituted both coordinates to the circle equation and got 2a + b = 10.

Please help how to continue each number.

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#2 2016-11-11 16:18:19

From: Bumpkinland
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Re: [ASK] About Circles in Coordinates


What is a and b for 5?

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#3 2016-11-12 04:31:16

bob bundy
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Re: [ASK] About Circles in Coordinates

hi Monox D. I-Fly

Q3.  P is (x,y), a point on an unknown curve C in the x-y plane.  Form an expression for each gradient in terms of x, y, a, and b and multiply to make k.

For a circle the coefficients of x^2 and y^2 must be equal.  That's enough to fix k.

Q4.  What do you mean by 'meets'?  I assumed this meant "has the x axis as a tangent at that point" but that doesn't give a sensible diagram.  So do you mean 'goes through' the point?

Also is that y = (root3) times x or root(3 times x)  ?

If the former then this is a straight line at 60 degrees so the angle bisector of this line and the x axis will be at 30 degrees and the centre lies on this bisector.

If the latter, it seems you need to differentiate as the circle and curve will have a common tangent at the point.  That makes the question very complicated (well it is for me smile ).  I've tried a diagram and cannot get such a tangent at all.  Best I can get with my software is centre at about (2.78, -1.34) buit don't rely on that as accurate.

Q5.  Again the word meets.  Just touches or goes through ?

Later edit:  Q5.  If we assume that x+y+3 is a tangent to the circle at (2,1), then we can calculate the equation through (2,1) perpendicular to x+y=3.

The centre will lie on this line so you can get a second equation connecting a and b.

bobbym:   The circle has centre (a,b) in conic section notation.


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