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#1 2015-12-02 04:50:00


thank u Bob

Thanks so much! I had started thinking in that direction but never got it figured out. I have written down the critical path u posted and now will put numbers in circles and draw the lines, etc.

Bob it worked!

Oh my gosh!!! At first when I was trying to put it in a diagram, I was still trying to figure out how to put the numbers in to where the diagram would give the correct answer. I was thinking with the numbers u put as the critical path and what u said. Then I wrote out more tasks like "D" was 2nd metal parts start; "E" was 2nd cloth parts start; "F" was sew 2nd...and I ended up with a rocket on its side looking diagram. Realizing that the sewing of one immediately preceeded the sewing of the next helped me to really get rolling with the diagram. Then I was practically holding my breath while going thru the diagram and adding numbers. Sure enough, it came out "27" and I traced back the critical path and u were right on that! Thanks again!

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