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Conditional Statements and Venn Diagrams

For problems 13 through 14 your complex statement is "Baseball players are athletes."

13. Which of the following is accurate?

AThe inverse of the statement is "If someone is a baseball player then someone is an athlete."
BThe statement is "If someone is an athlete, then they are a baseball player."
CThe statement can never be true.
DBaseball players all have great teeth and gums.
E The inverse of the statement is not true.
F The converse is: "Joey is a baseball player, and he is not an athlete."

14. What is q?

ASomeone is an athlete.
BSomeone is a baseball player.
CAll baseball players are athletes.
DAll athletes are baseball players.
E Baseball player
F Athlete

25 students played soccer

4 boys played soccer and baseball

3 girls played soccer and baseball

10 boys played baseball

4 girls played baseball

9 students played tennis

3 boys played soccer and tennis

3 girls played soccer and tennis

3 boys played baseball and tennis

1 girl played baseball and tennis

1 boy played all three sports

1 girl played all three sports

Hints on the diagram (highlight the following paragraph with your mouse to see them):
<start highlighting here> Notice that the counts don't make sense as they are, because they're all inclusive. The soccer count includes every who plays soccer, even the students in the soccer and baseball, soccer and tennis, and the all three sport counts. The count for soccer and baseball includes the students who play all three sports. So you'll need to correct from the inside outward...first subtract the boy and girl who play all three sports from all the other counts, then subtract the dual-sport counts from the single sport counts.

Put another way, this is like the gecko problem--the entire soccer circle including the soccer and baseball students and the soccer and tennis students and the students who play soccer and baseball and tennis, will add up to 25.<end highlighting here>

18. How many students played soccer and baseball, but not tennis?

E 7
F 13

20. How many girls played only baseball?

E 10
F 1


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