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#1 2014-11-15 11:30:07

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Where does PEDMAS/BIDMAS come from?

*what is it's origin?

*We are taught this in school but do we actually need to use it?

*Are there better ways to do algebra rather than remembering the acronym?

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#2 2014-11-15 12:43:13

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Re: Where does PEDMAS/BIDMAS come from?

2. Yes. Precedence of the operators is important. When somebody says 8+8*5 you know it is 48 by giving higher preceence to *. Supposing + was higher, it would have been 80. So, you need a convention to express what you want to.
While it is very important to know the operator precedences correct. However, in higher mathematics, nobody encounters expressions like (6*7+3^4-8)/2. Everybody usually uses brackets and fractions to make it non-confusing.

3. I do not know but after some days, it will look natural to you.

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