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#1 2014-07-28 19:09:12

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Logarithmic Differentiation

Hello, i want to ask about logarithmic differentiation.
I want to know can we use logarithmic differentiation for every function...... if not why ??..... i mean to say that i want to know about logarithmic differentiation.. where we can use it ... where we cannot use it..why we use it....  Just in great detail.

Thank you !!!  smile smile smile smile smile


#2 2014-07-28 21:31:27

bob bundy
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Re: Logarithmic Differentiation

hi anikettomar98

Welcome to the forum.  smile

According to Wikipedia: … rentiation

"where we can use it"  most functions

"where we cannot use it"  the article doesn't really say

"why we use it"  to make tricky diffs a bit easier.


But why would you do this for an example that can be done more easily.  In practice, you would use it only when it makes things easier, such as this second example:



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