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#1 2014-04-27 04:40:50

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The Unfortunate adventurers 2

A band of adventurers was getting ready to raid a goblin camp. They had learned their lesson from their last adventure and brought a wizard to detect magically concealed traps. However, the wizards mind was slightly disorganized from a potion he had tested on himself, so he could only communicate by writing, and even that wasn't very clear.As the adventurers approached the camp, they saw a large clearing with a few trees. Here is  what the wizard wrote.

Tuhiefrsef ijst ab pqijtu fgablmlm tursabpq bcefnoefabtuhi tuhief opabkl tursefef. Tuhief bcijrscdhi tursefef ijst efnocdhiabnotuefde tuop abtutuabcdkl abpqpqrsopabcdhiijnogh pqefoppqlmef. Tuhiefrsef ijst ab cdopnocdefablmefde ghopbclmijno lmopopklopuvtu bcyz tuhiabtu pqopnode.

The adventurers quickly figured it out and took a safe way to the goblin camp.

What was the message, and what did the potion do to the wizard?

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Re: The Unfortunate adventurers 2

Hi ManiticMath,

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