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#1 2014-04-12 02:59:01

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The Function and The Operation, Part II

I've begun a new thread on this matter because I believe I had gone about phrasing my question in a convoluted manner in my previous related thread.
I believe this question warrants a distinct and succinct answer; I feel I only have myself to blame for not asking the right question.
This thread does justice to a question put forth online several times and, as far as I can tell, is only answered in part. What I'm finding online is summarized below and as one can see... there is something missing.

To reiterate, I'd been thinking about the terms relation, function and operation as in their primary similarities and differences.
For instance, a function is always a relation, but a relation is not necessarily a function. A relation is not necessarily a function because a relation,
unlike a function, may involve more than one output.

In the same vein it can also be said that an operation is always a function, but a function is not necessarily an operation. A function is not necessarily an operation because a function,
unlike an operation, ______________________________.

When is an operation not a function?


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