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#1 2014-01-24 19:07:41

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How to create a graphic in excel or minitab programs? Graphics; chart, histogram, pie and pareto.



#2 2014-01-24 21:33:50

bob bundy
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Re: Graphics

hi jesusmzavala

Welcome to the forum.

First you need to input some data.  What sort of data have you got?

I already have Excel (2007 version) running with some coordinates for solving a puzzle.  So here's what I did to make a graph :

(i) Highlight the data

(ii) Click the Insert tab.

(iii) Choose graph type (I picked scatter for these numbers).

(iv) I did my first screen shot before I clicked for scatter so you could see which I was choosing.

(v)  Then I made the graph and superimposed it on the first shot.

There's lots of formatting commands you can use to get the graph appearing how you want.

If you tell me what you are trying to display I'll give more help.  smile


ps.  I'm not sure that a true histogram with variable ranges can be done in Excel.

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