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#1 2013-08-16 00:52:13


interest from Bank

if we borrow money (about $ 1000) from bank interest rate=(10%)100 for year.after that we invest $1000 in  another bank we get 15% int for that ie, =150yearly .we  want to pay 100 int for loan..we get 150 int  for investment.50= profit..sir is it possible?...

#2 2013-08-16 01:21:42

bob bundy
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Re: interest from Bank

hi jainujames

Welcome to the forum.

Is it possible?  Yes.  smile Is it likely?  No. sad Why wouldn't the first bank do this for themselves and cut you out of the deal?  dunno

Always read the small print.  Perhaps there's a catch such as if you're one day over on the repayment they charge 1000% per day.  Or you've sold your daughter into slavery.  faint


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