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#1 2012-11-04 20:11:29

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MATH quadratic equation on graph

i have a question where the curve is a parabola passing through the origin a point is given its neither the max nor min it`s on the curve the point is (1,2) and then the curve again cuts through the x axis at (6,0)
> and i need to form a quadratic equation based on that could you pls help me out with it...........

View Image: graph.JPG


#2 2012-11-04 20:42:45

bob bundy
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Re: MATH quadratic equation on graph

hi abhishek.ciindore

Welcome to the forum.

If the equation has the form

then you can make three equations by substituting for (x,y) as follows:

(i) (0,0)  (ii) (1,2)  (iii) (6,0)

That should be enough to work out a, b, and c.

Check by substituting each 'x' value into your finished equation to see if it gives the right 'y'.


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