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#1 2005-09-22 05:38:37



hellllppppp please

The formula for the interior angle V at each vertex of a regular polygon with n sides is well known. ( What is it?)
If you draw a graph of V against n you get what looks like a curve. But only the integral values of  n  greater than
1 are represented. What interpretation can be given to intermediate values of   n  ? 
( TiP: a well known figure has a vertex angel of 36 degree)


#2 2005-09-28 05:36:31

John E. Franklin
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Re: poly-angles

The fractional values of n between whole numbers are totally meaningless.
Is the 36 degree figure mentioned, is it a ten sided figure?  Why do you measure that angle, and not the
one you can actually see?  180 - 36 degrees.  Probably because 36 times 10 is 360.

V = 360 / n, for n integers > 1. (or 2 if you want to start with a triangle)

Or maybe the hint is that the 36 degree angle is the angle in the point of a
five pointed star?  If that is the case, then

V = 180 - (360 / n)

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