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#1 2011-02-06 05:27:49

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If the suns magnetic field is enhanced like mercuries, what happens?

I know that it would cause a new icetime, but is there any indication of this and could it have caused some anomalies here on earth.

Will it happen and by the same reason as I've previously mentioned.

Is that why the polarbears are moving south?

Will mercurys magnetic field then interact strongly with the suns magnetic field?

Will it possibly collide with the sun?

All this was based on that I read that mercury got a magnetic field. If it allready have one, I'm sure there will be no such problem and it's easy to grab the book closest but it may be composed with prismaglasses;

I still believe that given that earthquakes seems to get more intense, there may be similar events folding around the solar system. If there comes a small solar quake, for instance based on magnetic field disturbence, what would happen?

Also, my conclusion based on real facts like tjernobyls radioactivity, I can only conclude that the suns atomic structure might change, causing an odd process since the neutrons can't allways get out. Most particles from the sun is neutrinoes and photons.

So basically I see neutrons stocking in the sun, and probably the sun will dispose of those in large flares etc. So there will be many flares.

Other then that... Given that jupiter is said to get more spots... Jupiter may get sufficient heat to change its density?

That will be all. Bye!

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I see clearly now, the universe have the black dots, Thus I am on my way of inventing this remedy...


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