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#1 2010-08-04 01:35:11


Naruto discussion

Hello everybody.  I'm a big Naruto fan, as anyone whose read my fanfictions would agree.  I saw a thread in a different section of the forum that was supposed to be a fanclub and then ended up bashing the show.  I don't really understand how that happened, but I'd like to say that the bashers tend to be the one's who either don't understand it, or stick the whole show on the main character- (Uzumaki Naruto annoys me greatly).  If you don't understand the show, don't like the plot, or just plain don't watch it, please don't intrude on the things that are made specifically for the show's supporter's- your not going to sway us any more than we're going to sway you.

I'm starting this thread for discussion, which means bashers and supporters are both allowed, to give your opinions on what makes the show better and worse.  Highly opinionated comments with no back up-(ex. "Does anyone else realize Naruto is lame?") are not what I mean.  Give reasons to support any claim you make.  You might make more of an impression on someone then you thought you would, if you explain it without sounding like a hater.  Like how I was in love with the twilight series, until someone pointed out flaws I'd never even thought of, and realized I agreed with (like how there are so many other possibilities for things that happen to a monster in the sun than sparkling, and how the main characters hate themselves, don't get along, and only real personality traits or obsessed with each other) I don't hate that series now, but my opinion of it has gone way down as I've grown to think of it in a different way.  Maybe that will happen to you here, maybe you'll inspire it in someone else, maybe you'll read this, state your opinion, and never come back or read anyone else's because you have no wish to change the way you see things.  It doesn't matter, as long as you keep it civil, and try, TRY not to insult anyone, or be too harsh- and in that I include Masashi Kishimonto as one you shouldn't insult.   Besides, you may not like his work, but he's made a lot off of it, so he must be doing something right with it.

As for my opinions, Uzumaki Naruto, again, is a predictable looking and acting persona who annoys me greatly.  I don't like him, but I like his supporting characters.  Sakura is good, besides her signature color, (Pink is EVIL) and the way she gets about Sasuke.  Ino is as evil as pink.  Gaara is awesome, and looks like a panda.  Itachi is amazing, except that his name means weasel.  Shikamara and Hinata are my favorite characters.  And Sasuke, just really, really irks me.  I usually like characters with his personality, but for some reason he really, really, irks me.  Oh, and I'd love to find out what Tsunade really looks like, and all the akatsuki members are cool but Kisame(and they all die if they take of their cloaks) That's all I can think of right now, but I'll be waiting to see what else is said, though I doubt my underlying loyalty to the show will be altered at all.

#2 2010-09-16 08:28:20

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Re: Naruto discussion

Well, to be honest, I don't really like naruto, but that doesn't mean its not a good anime, afterall not all anime fans are going to like the same shows. But since you started a discussion, I might as well give my opninion:

Reasons why I didn't like the anime:

1.) the dub- even though I don't like the series as a whole, I'd rather watch the subtitled eps anyday. A bad dub can really kill an anime- and naruto's dub is...ehhh, in my opinion.

2.) I didn't really find the parts that were supposed to be funny, funny. And because of that, rather then laughing, it made my brain go "wow this is corny"... however i found a few things funny in the subbed eps...

3.) I felt it was too dragged out, I mean at times I was thinking something like " geez, just beat the tar out of one another already and get on to the next ep... -.- "And there are WAY too many fillers...I mean if your going to make alot of least make then barable. Those too reasons are why i don't  Bleach either.

4.) I really liked inuyasha, so you could argue that THAT series was " too dragged out too", however inuyasha's storyline pulled me really in so it was easy to get into it, naruto never did that. Plus Inuyasha had about 167 episodes plus like 20 or 25 eps added (so like 200) onto that for the  the last season, meanwhile naruto has passed 200 and they are STILL making eps, right? Thats a little much....

Finally, out of all the naruto characters, the only ones I was able to put up with are: Pervy Sage, Hinata, and Gaara...

All in all, I did give it a chance, i mean I believe I watched about 50-60 eps all together before I gave up on it. However, all things considered, I feel the manga is almost decent, but I'm still not into it. Plus even though I don't like the series, I enjoy you fanfics! smile

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