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#1 2010-07-22 11:54:58

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Diplomatic victory

Another diplomatic victory of the new born state of Kosovo.

In the controversy challenge between Kosovo and Serbia,Kosovo beats Serbia by 10:4 where the president of ICJ says: "the 17th february declaration of independence of Kosovo doesn't break any general international law...,the declaration of independence is conform international law and 1244 UN resolution.....,the delcaration of independence was legal"

It's time to say again and very loud "Bye bye serbia,bac u kry krejt qitash tongue"

Se Zoti vete e tha me goje,se kombet shuhen permbi dhe,por SHqiperia do te roje,per te,per te luftojme ne.
God said that all nation exincts on the ground,but Albania will survive,for it,for it we are fighting.


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