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#1 2010-05-08 08:18:24

From: Bumpkinland
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To help or not too...


Someone on another forum, received this PM:

Hi ----. I'm -----. I'm new to problem solving maths and I took the Tournament Of Towns O-level and A-level papers last month. But I think I only managed to solve 1 or 2 problems on both papers. Would you mind helping me with some of the problems from the 2 papers because I still have no idea how to solve some of them. I've read some of your posts so I know you're brilliant at problem solving. smile I'm asking for your help instead of posting the problems and discussing them on the forum because I know there might be some people who are about to take the TOT so it'll be unfair to the rest who have sat for the TOT. Would really appreciate it if you could discuss the problems with me. smile

He asked me what I would do and I really couldn't answer. I don't know. If you receive these type of PM's what do you do? Do you help or do you mistrust the motives of the sender?

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