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Fourth International superTmatik Mental Maths Competition

EUDACTICA announces the Fourth International superTmatik Mental Maths Competition for primary and secondary school students.
(try the online version:

The International superTmatik Mental Maths Competition is a contest for young pupils (6 - 15 years) from different countries, which, in only three years, has become a key event in the teaching of mathematics. The central principle of this championship is for students to develop basic competence in mathematics from the beginning of their schooling through constructive play, interesting and involving them in it via a fun way of learning. The widespread adoption of this innovative educational game by schools, combining mental challenge and play, has been instrumental in overcoming traditional obstacles many students have in mathematics.

The main objectives of the championship are to: promote interest in mental maths; develop skills in number and mental maths; reinforce the learning of mathematics through play; and discover and publicise talent in mental calculation.

Try the online version:

More information available on the EUDACTICA website:
For further details, please send emails to:

How to play
At the game main screen check the 5-level Selector card (to the left) to see the letter that you should answer. The picture at the instructions How to play screen, illustrates a game situation in which player at Level 1 must respond to the sum identified by the letter B, at Level 2, by the letter C; at Level 3, by the letter H; at Level 4, by the letter I and at random Level, by the letter E - not available online.
There are four options to the answer but only one is correct. Use the mouse to answer!
Phone: +351 309 873 818 Fax: +351 214 868 587
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