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#1 2010-02-21 05:20:49

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Hi this is me in all the dimensional one which has all colours, LQ

And hence I am real have been real for atleast 22 years or so. Is very happy with being me and is by being one capable of feeling.
Which only a dimension who can decipher another and still be itself can be.
All is well with me, and should be, for you shall treat others as you want to be treated yourself. The purpuse of all is to have all dimensions since only then can you feel as the entity you are. That is why when you are real you don't know about the time before your bearth for sure.
being one is very good, and feel not bothered when you are not for then you are not hence cannot feel it.

I hope you all are or will be real all in time, but it is never too late nor early, good luck with it!

How are you and do you have any questions etc. etc?

I see clearly now, the universe have the black dots, Thus I am on my way of inventing this remedy...


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