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#1 2010-02-16 05:37:40

bob farey

uncrackable substitution cypher code

I have devised an uncrackable code which I put into coder's corner. If any of you don't go down there, do go, because I have just put the original message on and challenged them to say which code letters represent the message.

It is decoded by pencil and paper BUT would take all the computers in the world millions of years to try all the permutations, because, cunningly, I have included dummy letters within the code that are not distributed as to UK letter frequency, and there are differing numbers of dummy letters between the message letters. The block of letters is 900 long, increasing this by 100 would make the problem trillions of times harder.

I formally claim to have devised an uncrackable substitution cypher code.

Oh, and hello all, a really nice site.

#2 2010-02-16 07:53:39

Sarah Rebekah 13

Re: uncrackable substitution cypher code

Yes very nice site, Maybe bobbym can help you.

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