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#1 2009-10-01 01:32:43



Maths-Whizz Teachers Resource ONLINE- beta testers required

Hello everyone,

Im currently working on Maths-Whizz Teachers' Resource ONLINE. If you are familiar with Maths-Whizz and the products we make then you know that releasing this feature online is a massive step, and will benefit you as the teacher. if you are unfamiliar with us then please visit

We are currently going through our testing phase and require some real life users to use the software for us and log any issues they find. We would also appreciate any feedback on any additional features that you as the teachers would like included..

If you are interested in being part of our testing team please email me, or reply to this thread:

Many thanks for your time in reading this post.

Manesh Mistry (Lead Developer for Maths-Whizz Teachers' Resource)


#2 2009-10-14 20:00:26



Re: Maths-Whizz Teachers Resource ONLINE- beta testers required

Thank you to all those who have shown interest in testing Maths-Whizz Teachers' Resource Online.

We still require a few more teachers to test, we will offer any tester 2 months free usage of the product from the date of release.. So if you are still interested then get in touch ASAP (Testing to commence 19th October)..

If you would like a sneak peak at the product visit

Please feel free to post your initial thoughts here...

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