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Enter- Harmony Aaliyah-hime (Naruto fanfic)

Aaliyah practiced basic Japanese for most of the time she was stuck in the drafty room. She had to convince this Lady Hokage that she could learn to be a ninja quickly, so that she wouldn't be sent to the academy, but she had only learned the Japanese language in bits and peices from watching a few animes. She had never carried on a conversation and Japanese before and Konahagakure, the village she was hoping to join, didn't have one translator, so she'd have to use her ruff Japanese to survive.
     "Aaliyah, are you ready to meet Miss Tsunade." A lady definitely fluid in English, asked. She was the one who had organized the meeting.
     "No. Let's do it." Aaliyah muttered and the woman gave a sympathetic smile.
Aaliyah straitened out her shirt, like she hadn't done it fifty times already and walked in to meet Tsunade.
The woman looked maybe 20 with bright blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She had perfect skin and well, if you know Tsunade then you know the last detail. She was beautiful, perfect. And completely and utterly fake, that was obvious. The woman had probably used jutsu to change her appearance all the time. Aaliyah would have paid anything to know what the woman looked like, or how old she really was.
      "Mushi Mushi. My name is Tsunade, and you will address me as rather Tsunade-sama or Hokage-sama, understand." the woman said boredly, as if it were simply a uniform conversation starter. I was so relieved I had actually understood her that I just stood there like an idiot for a while.
     "Hai, Tsunade-sama."
     "Very good. It seems your Japanese is better than they told us." Aaliyah blushed. Or better than she had told them. "Anywho, let us begin. Lee!
     In came a boy with a bowl shaped hair cut, black horrifyingly thick eyebrows, and wearing a green jump suit. "Hai Hokage-sama!"
      Aaliyah stared and Tsunade sighed at the look of determination on his face.
     "Lee, this is Harmony Aaliyah. She is the student. I want you to test her taijutsu ability. Just, don't go all out on her alright? She's new." Though Aaliyah gave Tsunade a look of indignation though truthfully she was relieved. She had been practicing for the past year in hopes of becoming a genin right of the bat, but she had never actually fought anyone.
     "Hai." He turned to Aaliyah with just as much a determined look as before. "Come at me with everything you have." Aaliyah was startled. Now?
     "H-hai, Lee-senpai." she looked at his stance, and knew all at once that if she copied it she would not only lose, she'd look like an idiot. Aaliyah bit her lip, and looked over his body. His arms and legs looked incredibly fast and strong. One hit and she would be down. My tactic must be evasion, she thought, focusing her mind and trying to make sure she was at her best. Lee waited patiently as Tsunade, never losing his stance a fraction of a degree... that meant he was focusing too, even though most people would be smug considering they were obviously of the higher skill level.
      She heard three more pairs of feet enter the room and saw heads of pink, raven, and black hair from the corner of her eye. Then she refocused her mind all over again because she wanted to be ready. Then, unexpectedly, Lee ran to attack her . His actions were definitely faster than most but she was prepared, so when he swung a kick she had already moved just so that the attack missed. A series of more attacks came at her coming faster the longer it went on. Following her instincts, she dodged each attack half a second before it started, therefore just missing the hit each time. "You are very skilled, Aaliyah-chan." Lee commented in the middle of the fight. Aaliyah dodges a kick and realizing he almost had her backed up to a wall, flipped over him and changed there positions in the small room. "Not really, I've only had a year of practice, and as Tsunade said, your going easy on me," she contradicted.
      "True, but even at this much use of my skill, I have defeated many." He informed her not missing a beat. Down kick, she dodged, punch... she caught his fist in her hand and threw him across the room. As soon as he hit the wall, Aaliyah straightened out. Even though she knew her endurance was much lower than his, this was a test to see if she could handle taijutsu. One hit, after such a long fight, had to be enough to convince Tsunade.
      "Pass." Tsunade said simply and Aaliyah knew that meant she had one.
      Aaliyah looked at the 4 others who had entered during the fight. One was a girl with pink short hair and green eyes, one was a boy with Raven chicken-butt styled hair and onyx eyes, and the last was another boy, with black hair put up in a pine-cone style with brown eyes. More teachers, probably.
     She turned back to Lee to find he was standing up with some strange emotion in his eyes. Definitely not a negative emotion... "Aaliyah-chan! You are so beautiful, and have the best control of taijutsu I have ever seen develop so quickly! Please be my girlfriend! I will protect you with my life!" Aaliyah's mouth dropped open. "Sorry but, ah, I can't." She looked to Tsunade for help and the Hokage made Lee leave.
     Aaliyah groaned. "The first guy to ever like me had to be him?"
     "I know what you mean." Aaliyah turned to the pink haired one who was walking forward with a sugar sweet look on her face.
      "Ya, uh, I highly doubt that. You went a little overboard with the pink. Or did someone drop a bucket of paint on your head?" (I have nothing against Sakura personality wise, but if I ever met her I would probably hate her right off the bat for that stupid hair color.)

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Re: Enter- Harmony Aaliyah-hime (Naruto fanfic)



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