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#1 2009-05-13 05:59:59

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Talking in binary

My brother and I figured out how to send finger shapes to each other (but we promised not to do any bad ones). Here's how we do it:
First, we tell each other how to hold our hands (we haven't figured out a binary system for that yet)
The first 10 digits tells us what fingers, from left to right, are up and which are down. 1 is up, 0 is down.
The next 8 digits tells us if there are any gaps, from left to right, between our fingers. 1 means gap, 0 means no gap. (Do not count the gap between your hands)
The next 10 digits tells us if any of the fingers are curled. 1 means curled, 0 means not curled.
The next 2 digits tells us if the palms are curled. 1 means curled, 0 means not curled.
Not sure if this makes us the biggest nerds ever... we'll see! tongue
So, here's a few examples:
Both of your palms should be away from you for this one.
Live long and prosper!

Your left hand should be facing you and tipped such that your pinky is parallel to the floor. On your right hand, your palm should be facing down.
Yay cello! (Only two zeroes, weird...)

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#2 2009-06-11 22:41:55

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Re: Talking in binary

What on earth is the second one? I got the first one though ;P


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