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Matriculation level - #n+1

1.Which term of the arithmetic progression

is the first negative term?

2. The sum of three numbers in Arithmetic Progression is 54 and their product is 5670. What are the numbers?

3. Find the geometric progression whose 4th term is 8 and 8th term is

4. The sum of the first two terms of a Geometric Progression is -8 and the sum of the first four terms is -80. Find the geometric progression.

5. A ball is dropped from a height of 6 meters and on each bounce, it rebounces to 2/3 of its previous height.
(i) What is the total length covered by the ball in downward path?
(ii) What is the total length covered by the ball in the upward path?
(iii) How far does the ball travel till it stops bouncing?

6. The sum of an infinite series in a geometric progression is 57 and the sum of their cubes is 9747. Find the series.

7. Find the value of

8. Some cubes of sides 5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm, ....20 cm are arranged in a box such that there is no space left in the box.  Find the volume of the box.

9. If 1 + 2 + 3 + ........k = 38025, find the value of 1 + 2 + 3 + ......k.

10. How many terms of the series 1+2+3+4... should be taken to get 25502500?

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