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#1 2008-12-29 20:47:26

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High School Geomtery.

1. A vertical stick 10 cm long casts a shadow 8 cm long. At the same time, a tower casts a shadow 30 m long. Determine the height of the tower.

2. In a triangle ABC, right angled at A, AD is perpendicular to BC. If AC=3 cm, AB=4 cm, BD=3.2 cm, find AD.

3.The perimeter of two triangles ABC  and PQR  are respectively 36 cm and 24 cm. If PQ = 10 cm, find AB.

4. D, E, and F are the midpoints of the sides BC, AC, and AB respectively of triangle ABC. Determine the ration of areas of the triangle ABC and DEF.

5. The areas of two similar triangles are 16 cm² and 36 cm² respectively. If the altitude of the first triangle is 3 cm, find the corresponding altitude of the other.

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