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#1 Jokes » Einstein's formula » 2007-01-30 20:58:48

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This is not new, but it still may be unfamiliar to some. It was told  that Albert Einstein had a formula for everything. A couple of his students decided to come up with something they thought would be impossible for him to make a formula for and prove he had limitations. So one day after a class they approached him at his desk in front of the classroom. “Professor Einstein,” they said, “can you tell us the formula for a sniff?” He thought for a minute, then stood up, and said, “sure.” He took a piece of chalk and to their amazement began writing confidently on the blackboard. This is what he wrote: 8L + 2 dots, + 2 triangles + 2 rectangles + 8L = 1 sniff. Can anyone decipher Einstein's formula?

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