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#1 Re: Jokes » Pig Joke » 2009-06-13 01:13:58

Rofl, I have a teacher called Miss Bacon @_@ She was like, *sneezes* We were all like, HA! SWINE FLU!

#2 Re: Help Me ! » Algebra (lol) » 2008-08-12 05:18:01

Everyone but moose gets a cookie big_smile w00t XD

Only joking :3 *gives moose a cake instead*

Edit: I found out the thingy with the locus point, I bugged my dad (Math and physics teacher (I wuvvvv my daddy :3)) and he got confuzzled too XD First of all, the triangle that was drawn onto my test paper was half in scale half not in scale (LOL) and the locus was just a parallel line to the line BC XD (Dad told me how to work it out)

In the answer book it was was

'Line parallel to BC,
Passing through A'

Can someone enlighten me on the question with the  5 circles and algebra please T_T Im so sorry to luca for giving the wrong information >_< The n3 is supposed to be a n³ hoorah for the

Discussion about math, puzzles, games and fun.   Useful symbols: ÷ × ½ √ ∞ ≠ ≤ ≥ ≈ ⇒ ± ∈ Δ θ ∴ ∑ ∫ • π ƒ -¹ ² ³ °

Under the header XD

The answer book told me but I have no idea how Im supposed to work it out still for cube thingies T_T

I uh ran out of cookies but I have a shoe! *puts shoe on a velvet pillow as the prize* XD


#3 Re: Help Me ! » Algebra (lol) » 2008-08-11 07:28:26

I have two more from the same test paper which I couldnt work out either >_< I think this test paper hates me or something x.x




Waaaa evil locus thingy >>'' It reminds me of swarming bee's for some reason o.o

*cries and screams from terror*

Someone help meeeeeeeeeeee big_smile *will reward with cookies* -And my love*


#4 Re: Help Me ! » Algebra (lol) » 2008-08-11 03:56:41

Wow o_o Thankies so much you two ='] *worships* xD I ist writing this all down into mynotebook :'D *huggles both* XD

Edit:Oops >_< the n3 was supposed to be a cubed x.x Sowwie T^T

#5 Help Me ! » Algebra (lol) » 2008-08-11 03:01:01

Replies: 11

Im studying during my summer holidays in preparation for my ks3 SATZ (likes to get organized early) xD

My beloved parents bought me some practise tests (Jettz) xD and I have no idea what was on the math one ._. Well, some of them =o

So I need majorrrr help XD *really wants to make her parents happy :<)

I have trouble working out the formula for number patterns and I am really really thick when it comes to answering questions which are simple -.-

I have no problem solving inequalities or equations which I hope is something good T^T

I think there were 3 questions which I struggled on a lot :x

*goes afk to go onto paint and copy them =o*

*comes back*

*goes afk to go put them onto Imageshack*

*comes back*

*goes afk to find out the IMG code thingy and how to work it*

*doesnt come back*

Stupid code thingy lol :'D

This one is the one I couldnt answer at all xDDD *stuppid girl* DX

I guessed this one, so I guess I could answer it o.o

This one I uh... On the B) i) I answered some huge mumbo jumbo thingy when apparantly I was only supposed to repeat what the question was -.-

Pl0x help <3

You will earn my wuvvvvvvvv D': touched


Edit: I worked out the code thingy! lol ._. *used italics*

#7 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Heartbreak » 2008-06-20 19:51:13

Girls keep it in sometimes hmm Until the time they cant take it anymore and burst into tears hmm

#8 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Heartbreak » 2008-06-20 07:00:04

As in when you're in love and you're rejected or betrayed or dumped or made upset by the person you love or you thought you loved. The tiny but lethal pain in your chest which makes you unable to swallow tears, but lets them fall freely, the pain which paralyzes your body and makes things colder. And the small feeling of regret hmm

#9 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Music; what's your song? » 2008-06-20 06:04:42

I think, if I had a theme song or a song devoted to me, it would be 'The journey continues' by Mark Brown. =]

#10 Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Heartbreak » 2008-06-20 05:52:44

Replies: 7

I've been wondering for a while now, and Im really wondering especially now due to recent events~

Do men feel heartbreak?

Not being sexist here hmm I just wanna know =/

#11 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Does anyone have friends that aren't your true ones » 2008-06-20 05:50:07

I guess those are hypocrits =/ People can joke and pretend to be a hypocrit I guess as a joke, like my friends and I sometimes do. I have friends that arent my true ones. I stick by them because I have no other friends. I trust no one and don't tell anyone my secrets as they may always betray me and spread rumours. My friends are my friends cause they pity me I guess. If they stop pitying me, I can always just sit in the library away from everyone else :'D I dont like ego maniacs, but again we can joke around and pretend to be one, its always a bit funny to laugh at each other =]

Thank you for the valuable and treasured advice you have given me tifa =]

#12 Re: Jokes » The teacher, the thief and the lawyer » 2008-06-20 05:40:39

Identity wrote:

Hey... why's everyone so hateful towards lawyers, how would we be without them?

I havent needed one yet, due to my young age and fearful manner to getting in trouble, but I guess not bankrupt? XD

#15 Re: Jokes » A Blonde Joke!!! » 2007-12-20 04:54:49

Uhm. You're asking what they mean? FFS=for (beeps) sake
Me not allowed to swear lolz ^^

#16 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » i dislike people » 2007-12-19 18:34:11

Lmao. I think most people here hate people like that but unfortunately there are way too many sad
But as Kargoneth said they can be nice... (Not likely -_-*)

#17 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Japan talk » 2007-12-19 18:30:34

Actually they have tons of R's. They just dont have any U's. For example my real name would have to be configured into
Heren not Helen. Japanese have no L's but sometimes say their R's as L's. You can check any Japanese word and that fact
will be true hmm


But you will never find a japanese word with 'L' in it unless its an english word being used.

#19 Re: Jokes » A Blonde Joke!!! » 2007-12-19 06:55:32

1.This topic was made by Lightning not me.
2.You can't spell my name right.
3.I have tons of friends who are blonde.
4.We are JOKING FFS. Using your own slang.
5.Yeah.. I'm dumb.. Everyone in the world is dumb because no one knows everything.
6.Take your own advice and shut up.

#20 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » My fears » 2007-12-18 05:47:04

1. Same as Mathsisfun
2.That scary soap shop at regent street
3.That scary homo at regent street
4. When I was young the first boss in 'Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of time'
5.HEIGHTS! big_smile I used to love them when I was young and my mum was scared but we switched ¬.¬

#21 Re: Jokes » A Blonde Joke!!! » 2007-12-18 05:22:16

-_- Yesh spamming.

Also I have a blonde joke xD

There are two blondes walking in the street. One gets caught by a fireman, the other caught by a policeman.

The blonde with the fireman shouts 'FIRE!' and the fireman looks everywhere and the blonde legs it.
The blonde with the policeman decides to copy him and shouts 'FIRE!' and gets gunned down.

#24 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Japan talk » 2007-12-06 04:01:26

Theres  always different ways of saying things in languages hmm Theres never ever a set accent.

#25 Re: Maths Is Fun - Suggestions and Comments » i got some ideas for some new smilies » 2007-12-05 18:52:36

Try going to the invision free skin website, they have millions of forum skins, forum emotes and buttons and such and such for all this stuff. I think the website was or  maybe it changed hmm

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