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#4 Re: Introductions » I'm Back! (Part 2) » Today 18:47:11

Hi mathaholic;

Welcome back!

#6 Re: Puzzles and Games » Cube it! » Today 18:44:49

201^3 = 1808^2+1686^2+1322^2+1184^2=9261000

#8 Re: Euler Avenue » Publishing for Amateur Mathematicians » Today 11:02:38


I have worked out a numerical method for something I prefer not to go in to on a public forum,

I remember feeling the same way. I came up with a nice neat method to minimax an overdetermined set of equations and lo and behold I eventually discovered that Remez had done it first and even had several improvements on my idea. Not only was my work not original, it was behind the current state of the art. You might want to consult with someone to look at your work to verify originality and correctness before trying to publish.

#13 Re: Formulas » same x and y coordinates » Today 07:30:21

Did you graph the equations?

#14 Re: Formulas » Easy Multiplication » Today 07:24:50

Did you try it on an example?

#18 Re: Help Me ! » Is Monty Hall problem still recognized to be corrected? » Yesterday 03:39:46


1)? Why would you pick a door that has a goat for sure? You always have to pick an unopened door.

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