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#1 Help Me ! » Ok this is bothering me more and more now... » 2014-03-13 21:30:00

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So I asked this question in reply to the "1 paradox reborn" thread, but it was more of a what if, and not a I want to know the answer. However I did not know the answer, and it has started really bothering me.

So now the question,

If we have .99999 recurring (assuming it is not equal to 1) what would .99999 recurring + .33333 recurring be?

I may feel really stupid after hearing the answer, but please explain...

#2 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Probability thought experiment... » 2014-03-12 15:33:41

Agnishom wrote:

I do not know why this is spreading virally. I was asking this question to Amrita just 2 days ago. 1.5 days ago Chandan asked me this. 1 day ago MaxPayne talked about it. and now it is back to the forum in which it started?

lol, sorry for the double post then...

#3 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » 1 paradox reborn » 2014-03-12 15:29:32

What is .99999 recurring + .33333 recurring if .99999 recurring does not equal 1?

Edit- I have no idea btw...

#4 Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Probability thought experiment... » 2014-03-12 15:09:45

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So my friend came up with a fun thought experiment, so thought I would share...

What is the chance that you will randomly guess the correct answer to this question?

A) 50%
B) 25%
C) 50%
D) 100%

...have fun

#5 This is Cool » Something I noticed with square roots. » 2014-02-11 13:07:26

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So first off I have not posted here for a LONG time, ever since I switched my major to nursing I have been quite busy and exposed to and needing to do much less maths than before(previous major was architecture.)

I still like it, however finding time is harder.

So back on topic, I was playing around in excel and happened to notice a peculiar thing with square roots.. maybe not particularly useful or exciting, but neat.

Here is what I found,

If you start with your first perfect square root 1 it takes 1 number to get there(from 0)

Next perfect square root, 4, will take 3 numbers to get to from the last perfect square root(1+3=4)

Next perfect square root, 9, will take 5 numbers to get to from the last perfect square root(4+5=9)

see the pattern yet?

to find the perfect square roots you just need to be able to add and understand odd numbers..


Just thought that was kind of neat, so I decided to share.. though lots of people on this forum probably already knew this =P.

#6 Puzzles and Games » Mobius Strip Problem » 2013-04-17 14:28:15

Replies: 9

You have strip 1 and 2 connected at the ends (flattened) see pic..

Using your intuition answer;

1)Can 1 be made to look like 2?

2)Assuming edges of paper are parallel, and that both strips of paper are the same length. Would the distance from point A to point A be the same as the distance from point B to point B, assuming you traveled parallel to the paper for both A and B.

3)Are they even mobius strips?


#7 Re: Puzzles and Games » Samurai with nine huts. » 2013-04-10 00:54:41

if one samurai crosses a spot where another samurai has already been, or is.

If I travel from point a to point b in a, my "path" would be the route I took to get from a to b.

#8 Puzzles and Games » Samurai with nine huts. » 2013-04-09 17:55:23

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There are nine huts arranged in a 3 by 3 square grid. How many samurai can you have if each samurai needs to be able to travel from one hut to all of the other huts without ever crossing another samurais path, though the samurai can visit the same hut another samurai has visited.

let us assume the huts resemble mathematical points, and the paths mathematical lines.

#9 Puzzles and Games » The Golfer » 2013-02-27 16:44:25

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Here is a fun one,

There was a man who greatly enjoyed golf. He also could make a perfectly consistent swing. So out of curiosity he decided to challenge a mathematician. So first he brought the mathematician to a golf field, with his golf club, a tee, and a ball. He sets the ball on the tee, all ready to swing, and then he asks the mathematician, “Write me a formula where z is the total distance the ball will travel, assuming there is no wind, the ground is level, The ball starts one inch off the ground, and I hit it with x force at y angle, all before I hit the ball.” He then swings his club, hits the ball and much to his surprise the mathematician succeeds. Not only did the mathematician have a flawless formula, but he also had the shortest formula he could have possibly written. What was his formula?

#10 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » For any archeticts who are interested.. » 2013-02-21 06:51:43

Yay for google docs!

#11 Puzzles and Games » The Universal Solvent! » 2013-02-08 11:12:21

Replies: 3

Let's say you just invented the first universal solvent! What would you keep it in? how would your mythical storage device store it?

#12 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Whats my line? » 2013-02-05 06:19:15

Also found out how to cheat..roflol big_smile

... so now must I refrain from answering sad

#13 Re: Puzzles and Games » Please help CAT=(C+A+T)*C*A*T » 2013-02-05 06:01:43

anonimnystefy wrote:

CAT is the number formed out of the digits C, A and T.

Ah, well then here is my second solution,


#14 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » 1? Or not? » 2013-02-04 19:05:27

john_gabriel wrote:

Muxdemux: Didn't you only prove (1)  for the natural numbers?

Of course. Are there any other numbers that you know of which I don't? Please don't tell me infinity is a number. It is a meaningless, non-real concept.

TheTick:  .9999.... NEVER equals 1 and it has nothing to do with tolerance.

At no point in the partial sums of 0.999... are you "rounding up". In other words, a carry is impossible. The problem with 0.999... is that it's not a number unless considered as an approximation. A non-terminating (repeating or non-repeating) decimal is an ill-defined concept.

I agree if we are talking theoretical math, however ask a manufacturer, engineer, architect, etc. if they measure one third to an infinite accuracy. As this can not be done realistically we "say" .999999... at some point equals 1, even though theoretically it does not. That is one I meant by .9999999... can equal 1.

#15 Re: Puzzles and Games » Please help CAT=(C+A+T)*C*A*T » 2013-01-31 13:33:04

I read it as C*A*T=(C+A+T)*C*A*T due to the fact that two or more variables right next to each other assume multiplication and,

My answer

Edit- fixed an error with my solution

#16 Puzzles and Games » The King and his Four Cities. » 2013-01-31 13:05:41

Replies: 8

There is a King who has just built four cities. This king is a very peculiar king as he built these four cities so that each individual city made up the corner of a perfect square. In addition all four cities are on perfectly level ground. Though there is a slight problem; the king forgot to build the roads. This king, in all of his peculiarity, decided he wanted all of his roads to be straight, and he wanted to be able to get from one city to any other city using these roads. How can you design the king's roads so that you use the least amount of road possible, while still meeting his criteria?

#17 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » 1? Or not? » 2013-01-31 03:29:43

.9999999 repeating equals 1 depending on your tolerance, and if we are talking applied or theoretical math. If we divide 1 by 3 we get .333333 repeating. This is not a perfect representation of 1/3, as each repeating 3 gets you ever closer to 1/3. The question is when do mathematicians say "after this 3 let us just say it just equals 1 third." So yes .9999999 repeating can equal 1, but at some point you are rounding up, the amount you round up gets ever smaller as you reach more nines, but eventually you round up (i.e. with .999 you round up by .001, and with .99999 it is .00001)

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, just thought this info was important to understanding the question.

#19 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » For any archeticts who are interested.. » 2013-01-03 15:35:20

Sorry, have not been on recently, my mom hasn't been feeling well and will need to go in for surgery(nothing life threatening thankfully). If anyone wants the excel sheet they can just send me an e-mail[email removed for security reasons, anyone who wants it just ask me. bobbym]

#20 Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » For any archeticts who are interested.. » 2012-12-03 06:28:13

Replies: 6

I made this excel sheet one day during architecture class, has served me well ever since. It calculates riser heights for stairs, and optimum tread depth.
Fairly easy to use. Everything is in inches. It will find solutions that are in 1/8" increments for easy measuring on site. All the solutions it finds will add up to the floor to floor height. Was a joy to make, hopefully someone here will find this useful.

apparently you cannot attach excel sheets

#21 Re: Puzzles and Games » Sequence Riddle » 2012-12-03 06:11:08

I figured as much, but I still wanted to know just in case.

#22 Re: Puzzles and Games » Sequence Riddle » 2012-12-03 06:05:46

Thank you, didn't know if that would be acceptable in the case I wanted to add hints.

#23 Re: Introductions » Hello » 2012-12-03 05:57:10

I still like how some people do not know the master had a tardis =P

#24 Help Me ! » Origami probabilty problem » 2012-12-03 05:51:39

Replies: 2

Say you have identical sheets of paper, and you take one sheet and make a random crease in that sheet of paper, what is the probability that if someone else folds a random crease in one of the other sheets that it will be the exact same crease. I figured it would be 1/infinity, but what If the second person was allowed to make 5 random creases in the second sheet what would the probability that 1 of those creases was identical to the original crease... 5/infinity?

If so what is the difference between 1/infinity and 5/infinity?

#25 Introductions » Hello » 2012-12-03 05:35:50

Replies: 6

I am new here, found this place thanks to my love for making and solving puzzles and riddles math and non-mathematically related.
I am currently studying at wake tech community college.

other random things about me are that I am a Doctor who fan, and have seen the black and white episodes to present, I am just starting to really get into chess, and I think The Tick is an awesome show as well(although most people I met have never heard of it or danger mouse.... but then again these shows are way before my time.)


Forgot I also am an origami artist. The models I like to make have 70-150 steps... so pretty complex.

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