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#1 Re: Introductions » Hello all! » 2005-11-16 06:43:33

Because I don't want to be eaten....

And it's not nice to eat Angels. smile

#3 Re: Introductions » Hello all! » 2005-11-16 05:58:00

Only a ferret... that's comforting. tongue

Thank you. ^_^ Hey to you too.

#5 Re: Introductions » Hello all! » 2005-11-15 05:10:35

lol, yeah it is, justlookingforthemoment. ^_^ I can understand most of the stuff like that, not fully, of course... It's just identities so far that are breaking my back.. But I'm trying. smile

#6 Re: Help Me ! » Square roots with Trig identities.. Can anyone help me? :) » 2005-11-14 16:41:16

Omg... Thank you so much for your help. ^_^ It is greatly appreciated....

And <3 is just a symbol for a heart... I use it more than I should, really... But oh well. tongue

Thanks again!!

#7 Re: Introductions » Hello all! » 2005-11-14 09:11:14

Lol. It's a Postal Service song that my boyfriend and I love. Sort of a cute little stupid thing that just stuck with me.

#8 Help Me ! » Square roots with Trig identities.. Can anyone help me? :) » 2005-11-14 06:36:15

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I'm really confused on problems with square roots... Can someone please explain to me how to do this problem? It would be greatly appreciated. ^_^ I'm sure it's something simple, but I'm so confused. sad

√1+sinθ/1-sinθ = 1+sinθ/|cosθ|

#9 Introductions » Hello all! » 2005-11-14 06:24:13

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Hey, my name is Angel (yes, that is my real name) and I dunno why, but I absolutely CANNOT get some of the things that are taught in Trig. So, that's why I'm here. To make friends, and understand Trig... Well... Somewhat. smile Anyway, nice to meet you all!


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