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#1 Introductions » Hello! My Mission On This Forum » 2011-08-25 22:35:06

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Hello! Dear fellow Mathematicians,

I am  hear to rub minds with the forumites with regards to Mathematics.

I am a GOOD MATHEMATICIAN from a country in Africa popularly called the giant of Africa - NIGERIA.

We have a big problem with regards to the teaching and learning of Maths. I have worked in different schools where i taught Maths but i found out that the students have low morale learning the subject. I just decided to quit teaching in schools so that i could be able to make research on how to make Maths, a fun subject.

I don't mind if YOU could help me out in helping my dear students who are in the multitude. We also lack adequate teachers who can hold their own in the subject.

I will be a regular visitor to this forum .

Thanks everyone.

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