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#1 2017-11-17 12:43:12

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CONTEST: Solve the puzzle to win Bitcoin!

I suspect this is a scam, so I have removed the links. I have left the puzzle and username, pending further information.  Poster:  You need to contact the forum owner, MathsIsfun.
iQCash, a new Cryptocurrency token, will soon be launching. To celebrate, we are running a contest to solve the puzzle on the back of the iQCash token.

The challenge is to identify the missing value in the center square.

The first to successfully provide the answer and an explanation why will receive the prize.
The prize:
0.01 BTC if solved in the first week (i.e. Nov. 2nd - Nov. 8th)
0.02 BTC if solved in the second week (i.e. Nov. 9th - Nov. 16th)
0.04 BTC if solved in the third week (i.e. Nov. 17th - Nov. 23rd)
0.08 BTC if solved in the fourth week (i.e. Nov. 24th - Nov. 30th)
If not solved during November, the competition will be cancelled, and there will be no prize awarded.

Post your solution here (and/or at (link removed by administrator) which I may spot quicker) so we have a public datetime stamp of when it was solved.

The contest is in its third week, and so the prize is currently 0.04 Bitcoin (approx. US$300 as at the time of posting.) It has so far remained unsolved. If/when a solution is found elsewhere, it will be promptly announced here.

What is iQCash?

iQCash is a cryptocurrency that replaces microprocessor mining of coins with human mining: Solve an iQ puzzle => earn 1 iQCash.

There will be 21 puzzle rounds.
The first round will have 8 million super easy puzzles.
Each round thereafter will see the puzzle difficulty roughly double, while the number of puzzles will roughly half, until there's just one super-difficult puzzle remaining.
The iQCash earned are hosted on the Waves platform, so it will be possible to trade them for other currencies on cryptocurrency exchanges.
See more here: (link removed by administrator)


#2 2017-11-22 16:30:59

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Re: CONTEST: Solve the puzzle to win Bitcoin!

The iQCash Puzzle has been solved!
On the bitcointalk form:

In summary:

Step 1: Convert the Chinese symbols to closest sounding letters + convert the Greek characters directly.

Step 2: Convert each character to its position in the alphabet.
(The spelling of 'crypto' was a red herring. The Greek character Kappa needed to remain K for the sums to work, but it would have been tempting to use 'c' and therefore 3 in the sums rather than 11.)

Step 2b: Sum the three intersecting rows and columns to get 68, 45 + ?, 90.

Step 3: Identify the mathematical sequence 68, 79, 90. Steps of 11. (Prime number) OR use the hint of 45 = 90/2 that ? = 68/2. Either way, ? = 34 mathematically.

Step 4: The numbers used in the sums must be converted FROM some algebraic form. Of the many possibilities, the only one that involved an operation with a 2 (a prime and the only number used in the original puzzle) and another prime number (in fact, the first clearly visible prime on the other side of the coin, 17) was 2Q.

Thanks to anyone who went over to the bitcointalk forum and participated.

iQCash will do more contests in the future, but the focus for the next few months will be the launch of the iQCash puzzles Round 1.
Round 1 will present 8 million super easy puzzles.
Round 2 will present 4 million slightly harder puzzles, and so forth until there's only a small number of super difficult puzzles/problems left.

iQCash is a long term cryptocurrency project. It will take time and a huge collective amount of human brain power to solve the bulk of the puzzles. If people value that (and the later problems it will potentially solve) maybe it will be valued on equal or better terms than Bitcoin and its massive expenditure of electrical power.


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