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#1 Re: Introductions » HI There! » 2006-06-11 17:48:53

Maths was okay. The science was really diffiult. I sure am waiting to know the results!

#2 Re: Introductions » HI There! » 2006-05-26 18:23:31

Hey! I am back after sitting for the selection test. It is the school holidays right now in Singapore! I am sure to have more time now onwards! I am so happy!

#3 Re: Introductions » HI There! » 2006-04-06 20:13:37

I am struggling to write a compo on my passion for maths aaaand science! I hv to write it if i want to go to the school of my choice!

#7 Re: Help Me ! » How do I do this? » 2006-03-22 22:53:01

But then it ist accurate right?

#8 Re: Help Me ! » How do I do this? » 2006-03-22 21:39:44

Another problem:
Find the fraction in its simplest form of 1/5 + 1/50 + 1/500 + 1/5000...
I do know how to work this out if it is correct,
I can simplify it as 0.2+0.02+0.002...=0.2222...
I'm using Algebra,
Let x be 0.222...
9x (10x-x)=2
Now, If I have a No. like 0.999999...,is there anyway to simplify it?

#9 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » 2006 Commonwealth Games » 2006-03-22 21:17:50

No booing to Singapore OK? Such a small country can get atleast 1 Gold and 3rd in Swimming.

#10 Re: Introductions » HI There! » 2006-03-22 21:10:04

Well, thanks for the support! Do the other countries have such exams?

#11 Re: Introductions » HI There! » 2006-03-20 23:08:32

Hey! I am very sorry, but I might not be logged in for another 8 months starting from April or May. I have an important exam to sit for from August-October 10th. If I do well, I will go to a good secondary/middle school and when I am out of it, I will be a deploma holder. If I do not do that well, than I will have to go to the University to get my diploma. Another advantage is that my secondary school year will be much longer, but I will not have to go to the High school/ Junior College. If I go to a good school, I will not have anymore exams as important as this, but if not than I will have other stressful exams. I wish to go to National University of Singapore, High School of Mathematics and Science.

#12 Re: Guestbook » How can you hide things? » 2006-03-19 22:35:21

Hey, I too have doubts on how to do


#13 Re: Puzzles and Games » Open and closed case » 2006-03-19 20:59:44

Well good time understanding yourself darthradius and thanks to the both of you. I definetly understand better now!

#14 Re: Introductions » hello » 2006-03-19 20:53:27

Well not nessesarily getting help but also helping others! Anyway, welcome to this website, cuban chick, but do not get addicted.

#15 Re: Introductions » HI There! » 2006-03-19 20:50:47

Hey, I still have one wish. Imagine meeting everyone in this forum at the same time! Well, dream on, I should say to myself! He...He...

#17 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Brain Teasers » 2006-03-19 01:08:46

I seriously have no idea, but I think the answer is {this}

#19 Re: Puzzles and Games » Open and closed case » 2006-03-19 00:38:45

I hardly understand Darthradius!

#20 Re: Introductions » hello.. i'm new... » 2006-03-19 00:34:28

All my best to you for your exams!

#21 Re: Introductions » HI There! » 2006-03-19 00:32:14

Well never been to london before. Heard from relatives that it is a nice place!

#22 Re: Help Me ! » provement » 2006-03-19 00:29:17

Well guys, I dont understand anything you are talking about, so I guess I will wait till it's time for me to learn. He He He!roflol

#23 Re: Introductions » HI There! » 2006-03-19 00:10:47

Looks like you do know a lot about Singapore, Ganesh! Well if you ask more about myself, I can tell you. I am 12, a tamilian, a hope to be a mathematician. My real name is Janani. Jenilia is a Indian Stars' name, she acted in the movie boys. She is my favourite actress.

#24 Re: Help Me ! » How do I do this? » 2006-03-19 00:08:13

Thank you sooo much ganesh!

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