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#2 Re: Maths Is Fun - Suggestions and Comments » Four In A Line Flash Version » 2009-01-11 10:43:46

Hello everyone. I've just register to say a few things about the engine of connect four. It quite drags:P The biggest defy of it is not recognising situations where computer's position is already won:
1) where there is a sequence of two thees already on the board such that "lacking four" places are one under the other- which makes the game won with a simple plan of fulfilling the column where it happened. Example:

o x    x o o  o
o x x o o o  x
x o o x x o_x
If it's o turn, he just has to fill the sixth column: if it's x turn, he has to find a forcing winning plan or he would lose.

2. When computer has three pawns located in a way that if human puts his pawn in a column he'll lose immediately, computer can just calculate if human will have to do it simply analysing the number of moves left. If it occurs that if no side wins before this time, human will find itself in a zugzwang, computer should take the defensive attitude... I quite like this strategy:)

Anyway, the game can be easily calculated (there are not so many possibilities here, I don't know to calculate the permutations here, but is certainly much less than [6*7]!) so you'd better leave the game as it is- to provide human at least with some fun of winning aganist the Machine...

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