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#1 Help Me ! » matrix singularity » 2005-12-14 10:06:38

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Solving my mixed integer linear problem I have faced matrix singularities. I have excluded almost all problems, but I don't know a short way to exclude rows which are similar (as shown) to each other and they cause a singularity problem.

So if we have in matrix A two rows from all like this;

x1 - x2 < 0 and

2*x1 - 2*x2 < 0

So the second inequality is just multiplied by 2, but it could be any real number.

So I have to find all this kind of similarities in a matrix size 1000(rows) * 768 (columns)

I am using matlab, if someone knows if the is any command which does this directly is even better.

Thank you for your help.


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