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#1 Introductions » Hi! » 2016-07-05 14:24:33

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I am a retired Electrical engineer.
My particular interest is below:
"No other subject has won so much praise from great minds as Mathematics. For its beauty, fun, thrill, mystery, joy, excitement, romance, challenges.
Yet polls find that Mathematics is the most feared subject for school students.                                                                    Like milk for Thenali Raman’s (Indian folklore) cat. Both for the same reason; “the way they are served".

Professor  Marcus du Sautoy, (Simonyi chair, Oxford) has said that the beauty of maths that “motivates every Mathematician” is missing from schools, and yet amazing things could be shown with even primary school mathematical ability.                      Add to this the strong case from developmental neuro plasticity, for exposing young minds to varied aspects of mathematics, as early as possible.

When ‘amazing things could be shown’ with just addition and subtraction, they should.  Multiplication, division and fractions, should have to wait a bit.   


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