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#1 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2015-04-15 10:41:41

wow phrontister! I'll have to give the puzzle ANOTHER spin~~ look forward to its "refurbishness" smile

#2 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-26 16:10:11

Shivamcoder, I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle!  Like phronister said, the puzzle is not yet perfected to our liking but the second most recent version (post 44) is the best one we've come up with.

Phronister, yes, the most recent version does allow for a slightly premature solution.  I'm gonna stick with the one before that for now.  I'm updating the OP so that it shows that one (from post 44)

#3 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-24 18:09:59

I'm happy with it too so if MIF would post it on the website, that'd be fantastic!

And thank you phronister for helping make this an awesome Einstein puzzle!

#4 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-21 18:32:10

You're right, if we take it out then some ambiguity arises which throws everything out of whack.

I guess I'm fine with this version.  I've solved this so many times, it doesn't seem that hard anymore!

#5 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-20 19:08:54

Excellent work phronister!
I've been sick the past week so haven't been able to do anything.  But I did finish working through your latest version and it seems legit!  Just a thought, what would happen if we take out clue 31?  I'll try and work it out and see what happens.

#6 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-13 22:04:02

"argh" is how I spell the sound that Charlie Brown, one of the characters from the classic comic "Peanuts", frequently blurted out when he was frustrated.
It could also resemble the sound of a pirate, but with more of a frustrated tone.

Five minutes would be enough if I didn't also have to prepare materials for the following class tongue

#7 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-13 19:52:19

Another problem with changing the title is that now the 10th color, purple, is not metioned at all.  I see what you're saying but I'm trying to work on the in the 5-minute breaks I have inbetween my classes, that is to say that I don't have the time to devote to it right now.  I'm also in the process of moving so outside of work I have no time.  ARGH!

#8 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-11 21:33:10


You've been busy the past few days I see!  I see what you've been saying and I'll give your newest version a go and see what turns out.

#10 Re: Puzzles and Games » The King and his Four Cities. » 2013-02-05 19:56:57

I did slightly misunderstand the question...But now I'm confused.  Why wouldn't a simple "X" be shorther than the ">-<"?  I 'looks' like it takes longer to travel that way...

#11 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-05 19:51:51

I updated the OP with the above post's info.  Should be ready for a spin Phronister!

#12 Re: Puzzles and Games » The King and his Four Cities. » 2013-02-04 21:54:03

I think I'm oversimplifying it, but wouldn't a direct road to and from each city suffice?  The roads would make the shape of a square with an "X" in the middle.

#13 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2013-02-04 21:36:07

This should be the end-all version of this puzzle!  Whew!

1) Jerek's classroom is the last one on the right.
2) David's class starts at 5:45pm and ends at 8:30pm.
3) Jennifer's Chinese class has a white door.
4) Jessica's class is 2 hours and 15 minutes long and is next to Mr. Nest's class.
5) Joe's class is next to the Music class and the exit.
6) Matthew's class ends at 8pm.
7) Max teaches Literature and is next to Ryan's classroom.
8) Michaela's class is next to Mrs. Smith's class.
9) Mr. Adams' 19-student class is next to Mr. Bush's 27-student class.
10) Mr. Bentley teaches Medicine.
11) Mr. Johnson's class has a blue door and ends at 9:30pm.
12) Mrs. Franklin's class lasts for 3 hours.
13) Michelle's class ends at 9:45pm.
14) Mrs. Jackson's class is between Mr. Bentley's and Mr. Jones' and across from Mrs. Franklin's.
15) Mrs. Wyatt's classroom is next to the class with 30 students.
16) Ryan's class has 38 students and a red door.
17) The 16-student class has an orange door and is not next to a class that ends on the hour.
18) The 22-student class is in between the 30-student class and the 18-student class.
19) The 34-student class has a pink door.
20) The black and grey doors are next to each other and the black-door class starts at 5pm.
21) The class between Jerek's and the red door starts at 7pm.
22) The class that ends at 10pm is in between the red door and the Reading class.
23) The class that ends at 8:45pm is across from Mr. Bush's.
24) The first class on the left has 30 students.
25) The Grammar class is next to Mr. Jones' class.
26) The green door is across from the class that starts at 5pm.
27) The History class is next to the class that starts at 6:15pm.
28) The Listening class starts at 6:45pm.
29) The Medicine class starts at 6pm and has 38 students.
30) The Music class ends 1 hour and 45 minutes before the Chinese class ends.
31) The Speaking class ends when the Literature class begins.
32) The Speaking class starts an hour before the History class starts.
33) The Reading and Writing classes are next to the entrance.
34) The yellow door is across from the class that starts at 7:45pm.
35) There are a total of 255 students and the left side has 5 more students than the right side.
36) Two of the four three-hour-long classes have female teachers.
37) All of the classes are longer than 2 hours and have more than 10 students.

Should I update the OP or just leave it here?

#14 Re: Puzzles and Games » two possible solutions for Who Lives in the City? Einstein Puzzle » 2013-02-04 21:31:47

Phronister, I just checked your newest version that includes curly hair.  It works out!

And I'm updating my Purple Door puzzle...I had the same double-solution problem, but thanks to some students, I got it squared away I think.

#15 Re: Puzzles and Games » Post more bigger numbers » 2013-01-29 20:42:54

I've never seen that connotation before...

Could someone explain what "2->2" means?  How do I read it?  How do I evaluate it?  Where is it used? etc.

#16 Re: Puzzles and Games » What words can you make with julianthemath? » 2013-01-13 20:00:23

wow, that website is amazing

sidenote: does anyone here play Scramble on their phone?

#17 Re: Puzzles and Games » how many words can you make from this word? » 2013-01-13 07:21:47

"the gold bars are so awesome and they are 24 karet"
(too many words!!)
a an and awe are ankle ankles angle angles angel angels angry anger angers angered ant ants art arts arm arms able abled math maths
bar bars barred bear bears beer beers bee bees beak beaks beat beats beaten beet beets beem beems beemer beemers bet bets better betters bat bats batter batters barn barns bark barks barked bay bays bake bakes baker bakers brown
do does doer doers doe does dose doses door doors dawn dawns dog dogs dare dares drag drags debt dark darker
eat eats eel eels eater eaters east easter easters eastern ear ears eek eeks end ender ends eagle eagles earn earns earned
gold great grate grates grater graters grab grabs gray grey greet greets greeted greeter greeters gnaw gnaws gnat gnats gnome gnomes gawk gawks grand grands
hear hears heard hen hens hey hay hat hats hate hates hater haters hated heart hearts hag hags ham hams home hand hands hose hoses hoser hosers hog hogs hag hags
knee knees
load loads loader loaders land lands leak leaks leaked leaker leakers lay lag lad lads law laws loom looms loomed loomer loomers look looks looked looker lookers lose loser loses losers lost loose looser loosen
mark marker marks marked markers mart marts make maker makes makers men man mold molds molder molders meer meat meats meet met meets meeter meeters market markets marketer marketers maybe may meek more mend mends mender menders med meds mode modes moat moats mate mates mated mater maters most more
new news net nets nag nags nest nests near nears neat neats now nay nod nods name names named namer namers naked
old older owe owes owed ower owers own owns owned owner owners oak oral orb orbs one ones on ogle ogles ogled olger olgers ohm ohms
ran real realer read reads reread reader readers red reds raw raws ram rams ray rays rake rakes raked raker rakers rerake rerakes reraked rerakers rat rats rate rates rated rerate rater raters reraters row rows rowed rower rerower regrow regrown regrower regrowers reseed reseeder reseeds reseeders retake retakes retaken retook rule rules ruler rulers ruled rag rags ream reams reamed reamer reamers retry roam roamer roams roamed roamed retreat retreats retreated retreater retreaters road roads rode rare
so soon some sore sores soar soars soared sold sat set sets seat seats seated swoon swoons swooned sweat sweats sweats sweet sweets swag sway swayed sways stab stabs store stores stored soot stoke stoked stokes star stars stare stares see sees seen saw sawed sow sowed sown seed seeds steer steers steered stress soak soaked soaks seek seeks son sons stash stashes swat swats skate skates skated steal steals stole stolen stale stark
the them then than they there these those threat threats threaten threatens threatened throb throbs tent tents ten tens toy toys take takes took taken tag told treat treats treated thaw thaws thawed ton tons tone toned tones toner toners tomb tombs trey treys tray trays tame tames tamed tar tarred task tasks
we weak week weeks wake wakes woke what where who whose when why ware wear wears wore world worlds wield wields weird word words woe woes wham whams wessel wessels wet wets war wars wart warts wag wags wrote wand wands went want wants wanted womb wombs way ways wash washes washed watch watches watched wretch wretched wrench wrenches warm warmer warms warmed warmers warn warns warned warner warners
yearn yearns yearned yawn yawns yawned year years yak yaks yet yolk yolks yea yeas yeah yeahs yew yaw yaws

#18 Re: Puzzles and Games » two possible solutions for Who Lives in the City? Einstein Puzzle » 2013-01-13 06:06:19

well done phronister!  Now there is one and only one solution!

I got the same answer as Bob as well.

One thing that has bugged me about this puzzle, though, is the fact that curly hair is never mentioned in the clues.
I'm not gonna try and mess up what has finally been cleared up now.  Maybe in the future when I'm bored...

Nonetheless, phronister GG!

And a quick question - Has anyone else completed my "Who Has the Purple Door?" puzzle besides phronister?
I had updated the OP in that thread with the (hopefully) final changes but there hasn't been a response.
phronister, maybe you could double check that it's still good enough; I'd like it to be posted on MIF to see how my puzzle fairs in the rest of the world.

#20 Puzzles and Games » two possible solutions for Who Lives in the City? Einstein Puzzle » 2013-01-09 22:04:02

Replies: 22

The puzzle posted on MIF in its current state has two possible solutions.

I don't have time to explain here, but the fork in the road begins after clues 1,2,4,7,8,9,10,13,14,15,(16),18 have been put in place.

#21 Re: Puzzles and Games » how many words can you make from this word? » 2012-12-11 23:02:07

solar system stem stems my me am em or oral orals alt alter alts alters salt salts mess mass masses math maths star stars tar tars art arts slam slams lame sole soles stress last lasts rest rests least laser lasers taser tasers tale tales ale ales sale sales soar soars more less tame tames stale male males meal meals teal steal steals master masters slate late later ate eat tea teas eats east seat seats sat set sets sats alter alters malt malts rest rests sassy messy most more moar oar oars ora oras ore ores store stores tore tores realm realms seal seals stole met mat mats stem stems team teams steam steams steamy tram tram ram rams roast roasts lost lose loss loser losers loses losses moss latter latters lasso lassos role roles roler strole stroles tole toles.....

#22 Re: Puzzles and Games » how many words can you make from this word? » 2012-12-08 19:52:28

Magnemite is a pokemon

Magnemite is a pokemon magnet magnets net nets poke pokes mage mages man mans men kite kites kit kits gnat gnats mean means get gets gate gates ate tea teas eat eats at sat seat set seek geek geeks meek moan moans spike pike pikes meant gape gapes gap gaps ape apes pea peas spam spa moot moots moon moons spoon game games aim aims same team teams tame tames tam tams gent gents map maps pie pies apt apts opt opts pot pots spot pom poms name names amp amps sap soak it am an tie ties tank tanks sank sink mink minks ink inks tink tinks page pages mint mints mite mites tin tins time times gnome gnomes goose geese moose smite skate meek seek tike tikes moan moans motions motions notion notions potion potions gene genes meet meets meat meats met pet pets speak spoke peak peaks nope toke tokes sage age ages site sites sip pit pits spit sit sits seem monk monks mop mops make makes take takes stake steak stage.....

#23 Re: Puzzles and Games » Who has the purple door? » 2012-12-08 18:38:18

MIF, I guess that this puzzle is in it's final version for the time being.  Would mind putting it on the website?  I want to know if someone other than phronister (gj again btw!) can solve it!

#24 Re: Puzzles and Games » What words can you make with julianthemath? » 2012-12-08 18:34:14


in hindsight, I should've typed them left to right with commas instead of up and hard to keep scrolling back and forth the check for repeat words

#25 Re: Puzzles and Games » The Garden Problem » 2012-12-04 19:31:25

I've done all of the other Einstein puzzles on the website but this one still eludes me as well, bluemist.

I posted an Einstein puzzle that I made a few months back.  To my knowledge, only one person here has solved it.  It's called "Who has the purple door?"

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