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#1 Re: Exercises » maximum a posteriori probability » 2012-03-31 15:39:54

Hello Bobbym!!

I want to find MAP (Maximum a posteriori probability), of the above given problem. The problem image is exactly same to the exercise#16 on this page 'cnx DOT org SLASH content SLASH m11271 SLASH latest.  (I want to post the image, but dont know how to, anyway i gave the path where you could find the image.)
thanks for your interest.

#2 Re: Exercises » maximum a posteriori probability » 2012-03-31 14:52:05

I am studying probability theory now and would probably use it in my research in wireless communication (802.11 MAC to be more specific). I am afraid I dont know anything about BSC. The above problem is just to practice and have some knowledge about probability. (:

#3 Exercises » maximum a posteriori probability » 2012-03-31 13:14:08

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kindly help me for Stat Question

A Binary Symmetric Channel (BSC) has binary (0 or 1) inputs and outputs. It outputs each bit correctly with probability 1 − p and incorrectly with probability p. Assume 0 and 1 are equally likely inputs. State the MAP (maximum a posteriori probability).


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