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#1 Re: Jokes » World's Dumbest Inventions » 2010-07-06 21:33:42

bobbym wrote:

Hi akula2;

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you so much, bobbym!

bobbym wrote:

No argument there. Mainstream theories get the most publicity. They are spread through countless documentaries as they should be. They represent the current state of our knowledge.

It doesn't matter how much publicity they manage to get, was hinting about the relevance (facts). Mainstream theories have become a part of the humanity (gave better life, progress etc), without those results (say, Maxwell) humanity would be still living in those Medieval times! Had Scientific community thought like that they would have happily buried The Theory of Relativity long time back (why to spend millions on launching the Satellites or build massive billion dollar projects such as a researcher I had to respond on this one roll

bobbym wrote:

This is a joke thread. You don't point out where the substantial ignorance is located so it will be difficult to kill. We do have many discussion type threads that not everyone will agree with but that still isn't an example of ignorance, just diversity.

Sure, me gonna give you the benefit of doubt and am in no mood to get into all this in my vacation days...maybe next time. Thanks smile

#2 Re: Jokes » World's Dumbest Inventions » 2010-07-06 10:27:22

@Theories are not facts, no matter how much publicity they get.

I'm a new member on this forum, out of curiosity I surfed into the Jokes and saw this thread first smile
I thought you guys have got into insubstantial mode by displaying such ignorance!

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