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#1 Re: Puzzles and Games » dice puzzle » 2007-01-07 10:39:21

Yes Devanté, it's just part of the text. But hey, you're  just like me. I often
get confused with word problems. roll

#2 Puzzles and Games » dice puzzle » 2007-01-03 01:26:33

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You have a 6-sided dice with numbers on each side. 5 of the sides have 1 on them and 1 of the sides has 6 on it. The sides are also given letters which are A, B, C, D, E and F. I haven't said which letters correspond to which numbers. List all possible number and letter combinations the dice could have. Tip: Don't rush into it. Think.

#3 Re: Puzzles and Games » process of elimination » 2007-01-03 01:09:51

Alright then, let me make it a little more clear. Study every single number in the list indepentely. This is the the way to come to your answer. up

#4 Puzzles and Games » process of elimination » 2007-01-02 09:01:15

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here is a puzzle:

18, 7, 3, 9, 56, 12, 350, 67, 831, 36, 645, 34, 78, 13

No it's not a sequence that you finish. Eliminate all numbers that are not connected to a certain other number in the list. eek

#5 Euler Avenue » Strange things about Xeno's Paradox » 2007-01-02 08:50:53

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According to what Xeno said about measuring and motion. Something can't travel to somewhere without first travelling half-way. So this means that a measurement of 0 to 1 would be 0.5. This is not logical and this post is to explain what a quack Xeno was.

P.S For those who don't know, Xeno was a greek person who
liked measuring things. cool

#6 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Dimensional analysis » 2007-01-02 02:46:21

The word Dimension can refer to shapes such as 2-dimensional (2d) shapes and 3-dimensional (3d) shapes. A simple example of a 2d shape is a square whilst its 3d counterpart is defined as a cube. Dimensions can be better explained using axis. On a 2d coordinates grid we have only an 'x' axis and a 'y' axis whilst on a 3d grid there is a third 'z' axis. Let's count up how many axis we have on both grids. On the 2d grid we have 2 axis, hence the definition 2-dimensional. On the 3d grid we have 3, hence the definition 3-dimensional. Humans can see only a limited number of dimensions. We mostly see 3-dimensions as some faces of opaque shapes are often hidden unless we change our viewpoint. Then again even if we change the angle at which we see something, some of the faces we could see before are then hidden. This is a simple study of dimensions and should be referred to before moving on to more complex dimensional studies. big_smile

#7 Re: Guestbook » Devanté's signiture » 2006-12-30 03:45:46

Why is this a topic anyways. It's a waste of space and time, everybody knows he was joking around. Well, everybody should, but some people are so curiously eccentric. yikes

#8 Re: Euler Avenue » Special numbers » 2006-12-29 10:28:30

ganesh, you are well meaning and share an interest in the peculiarity possesed by certain numbers. But I take an interest in 0, the Alpha and Omega of all numbers. A number that alone signifies nothing but when merged with other numbers signifies much more. It is odd but true and we all know of these facts. Face it ganesh, 0 is awesome:D

#9 Re: Introductions » Hi again » 2006-12-29 10:12:45

How very interesting, I have always wanted to live in America.
I have been there before two times to visit my cousins.dizzy

#10 Re: Introductions » Hello it is I. » 2006-12-29 10:09:03

Why thank you. I will be sure to enjoy myself.
There is much I have to say and show.:cool:

#11 Introductions » Hello it is I. » 2006-12-29 09:00:15

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Hello I am new but I'm sure I'll fit in.
I better do... for your sake.roflol

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