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#1 Re: Jokes » he he he » 2006-12-07 16:55:10

suha wrote:

Laloo goes to see the movie "Jhoota Harischandra". At the ticket counter Laloo asks for a ticket and gets one on paying.
After a few minutes he returns and asks for another one. The person at the ticket counter gives him the ticket and takes the money.
A few minutes later Laloo is back again and ask for another ticket. The ticket issuer gives him the ticket but is annoyed with Laloo. He says, "Hey! What's your problem? Why don't you buy all your tickets at once?"

Laloo replies, "What to do? I need only one ticket, but every time I try to go inside the darn man standing at the door tears apart my ticket!"


So the guy  tears apart his tickets when he trys to go see the movie why does he??dunno

#2 Re: Guestbook » hey,your site is..... » 2006-12-07 16:46:57

brandon's girl. wrote:

wavehey, your site is awesome it is the only site we can get on at school so i have grown to love this site well keep the work up you have a awesome site thank you for keeping it coolup,

                                                                           have a great day,

I like this place to.:)

#3 Re: Jokes » Funny Pictures!!!!! » 2006-12-06 17:05:52

coolcat23 wrote:

You must click on them to see them move.

Do not take these picture without asking permission for the person who posted them.

were did you get them.dunno

#4 Re: Jokes » Funny Pictures!!!!! » 2006-12-06 16:27:38

coolcat23 wrote:

This is going to be the topic for funny pictures. So if you find anything funny post it here!!!!!!

Here are some pics to start off with!!!!

how did you get thoes pictures........................dunno

#5 Re: This is Cool » 100 » 2006-12-06 16:15:17


Do you have a myspace. If you do then I guss thats cool. My mom said thats it is bad to have one thats why I got one of these.And I like it do you like it. Mia the lovey one.

#6 Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » movies » 2006-12-06 15:47:53

Replies: 7

Who likes the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.dizzyeekrolleyestouchedsleepwave

#7 Re: Introductions » I'm new to this community » 2006-12-06 15:41:28



JOHN wrote:

I'm new to this community.This is John.I like music specially the Jazz Guitar and love to play

keyboard.My favourite food is anything made by my mom.I love cam chatting .Well hope to all of



Well kind of food. Is it good or you just trying to make her feel good.:D

#8 Re: Jokes » Christmas Jokes! » 2006-12-06 03:46:53


have your family there and friends to thats the key to a good christmas dinner.

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