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#2 Re: Maths Teaching Resources » Welcome » 2006-12-04 14:56:55

Mathisfun you should delete all post that are rude and abbrasive!!!.

#3 Help Me ! » Maths/English » 2006-12-04 13:50:57

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I know this is a maths forum and website. I just want to make people read it and correct it.

Please do not steal it.And/Or Copy the ideas.Its not finish yet.

Title: The Haunted Laptop Shop

My name is Jennifer Johnson. I'm 12 years old and i come from Old Tree Bark, a little village north of England. I have two sisters, a mum, a dad and a grandma. My eldest sister, Jessica is 21 years old and my other sister, Jane is 17. I'm the youngest. My mum is working in Seattle for a while. My sister Jane is with my mum. Jane is on a school holiday for 2 months. My other sister Jessica is living with my Aunt Mary and her husband. She is working for 700 dollars a month.  She is a graduate. I live with my grandmother since my father has gone to Italy for work.  I have a bestfriend, Lily. She is the same age as me. We live in Old Tree Bark. Lily is very sweet and clever, her mum and dad are from New York, she has a lot of stuff, because when her grandparents gives her a visit they give her things.

It all started like this, my grandma had 170.000 dollars from my late grandfather's retirement fund. She wanted to give me 10000 dollars for my birthday gift, so i can buy anything i like. I really wanted to get a laptop. I asked all my friends from school and in the neighbourhood if they have come across any laptop shop. Finally, my bestfriend pointed me to a laptop shop near the corner of a closed restaurtant, named Y-racs Laptops. She told her brother's friend, Wayne, to take me there. There were nobody around and there was this only laptop shop. Wayne followed me inside. There was a big counter, and the shop displayed a number of laptops.There were hanging tables and it was cover with spiky vines.
Like it was very old. There were no customer inside and the lights kept coming on and off. Kind of creepy.  Then I saw a lady who was in her chair inside her office, screaming to a man who was watching me from a distance. Suddenly the phone rang and a weird looking lady with a crooked nose went to answer it. Being busybody, I was startled by a greed of the sales-person named Kenny. I was left unspoken as I was too busy observing the surrounding. Suddenly Kenny showed me a laptop and when he pointed to the screen his fingers became longer and touched the keyboard. Wayne was distracting me by shivering in FEAR and whispering to ask me to come home.

Two Business consultants were smiling and talking about something together, both man. They were very haunting looking.Suddenly a lady who was very skinny and very pale sayed  hi and introduced herself. Her name was Nadia. I shook her hand, it was very cold and skinny. Her eyes were like going to pop-out. She smiled gleefully at me. I asked for a cheap notebook and she offered me a good one. I went back home happy- did i say happy??, i mean the opposite of it!. I Told my grandma, she agreed. I asked permission to go to the cyber cafe. I search for www.Y-racs, and i saw 
"Shop and website closed down"i was so scared. Why did the website sayed that, when the shop was still there opening?, was i dreaming? i knocked my head alot of times, but i didn't wake up so i knew it wasn't a dream, and i didn't forget that my grandma did want to give me 10000 dollars.The next morning, i called Wayne's house and his mom sayed that he went out, so i went to the shop by myself to buy the good laptop
(i remembered the road.). When i arrived i saw that the shop was closed like it was going to be renovated,infront of the door said
"Closed for renovation". I took a little peep inside and i found out that there was the managing director, marketing excs,tele-marketeier and business consultants. All of them were inside the office only the stock guard was out, guarding.......

#4 This is Cool » 100 » 2006-12-04 13:42:36

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Can you make a 100 by only using this 9 numbers

You can use it only once!
Multiply it/Divide it/Subtract it/Add it.

DO whatever you want to...

#5 Re: Introductions » Hello » 2006-12-04 12:38:06

Do you have a neopets account??.

#6 Introductions » Hello » 2006-12-04 12:31:06

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My name is my username, i'm very new. I won't tell you my long name because its discusting. HI!!!.

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