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#1 Coder's Corner » Recursive program in pseudo code » 2010-02-07 15:05:57

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I figured I'd put this in the coding section. smile

If any of you coders out there know the pseudo code for this small problem, your help would be appreciated:

Write a recursive program samelist(List1,List2) which check two lists for equality. (in pseudo code)

#2 Help Me ! » Finding the inductive definition? Help! » 2010-02-07 14:51:40

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Okay, this is a question on a paper that I'm trying to work out. It's about inductive definition. It's only worth a few marks, but as mathematics is really not a major part of my course, this isn't something I'm any good at and I'm having difficult learning. Please help me in solving this so I can get on with my usual work! Here is the question:

Assume you know what it means for X to be a parent of Y, and use a relation parent(X,Y) to represent it.
Give an inductive definition for A to be an ancestor of B, ancestor(A,B).

if parent(A,B) true, A is B’s ancestor


There's a couple more questions on the same topic. But I'm just posting this one for now to see if any of you can help with this particular topic. Thank you.

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