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#1 Re: Coder's Corner » those who speak binary.. » 2009-12-16 15:21:52

If you construct a way to verbalize binary in just the right way it can also double as a 'native hexadecimal' verbalization too.

For fun you can play around with this online tool:
and see how speaking binary with single sounds instead of words representing powers of 2 could work. You can even input your own choice in sounds for representing the various required powers of 2.

For instance, with the sound choices I currently like,
1 1010 0000 1100 (or 0x1A0C in hex) would be verbalized:
"ika usuma uis" ("eekah oosoomah ooees")

ika is 0x10 ("hexadecimal ten")
usu is 0xA
ma is 0x100 ("hexadecimal hundred")
uis is 0xC

Input your own numbers and verbalization and see what they convert too on the fly.

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