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#1 Re: Coder's Corner » Programming notes V 1.49 » 2009-09-26 07:19:42

Interesting read, I learned c++ and didn't know the differences

#2 Introductions » Hello everyone! » 2009-09-25 00:26:07

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I stumbled upon your site while studying for a test and I must say it seems nice.  I am a computer engineering student, but math always seemed to be a stumbling point for me; somehow I've powered through my courses and I should be graduating soon (May yay!).  I figured since I spent most of college partying and hardly studying (usually all night before a test), joining a nice forum like this will help me hone my math skills, and hopefully I can help with other students if I know the topic. 

I used to be good at math when I was younger, but I didn't like doing it.  I used to say in high school that natural logs (ln) were for burning not calculating, though that same time frame when at an anime con I saw a shirt that said  integral(from 10 to 13) 2x dx?  I guess I've always had a hidden love for math, just not out of the classroom. I snickered to myself and had to buy it.  Got dirty looks from offended women though, but that just makes me happy that more women nowadays are learning math: there are many great female mathematicians and social stereotypes shouldn't hold us down.

Anyways, glad to join the forum, I look forward to reading posts and trying to help with topics that I know to the best of my ability (whatever that may be lol) and meeting new people who share similar interests, ta ta for now!

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